Regenerative Therapy through Amniotic Placental Tissue  (APT)

APT has shown promising regenerative effects on injured painful joints (knees, shoulders, hips, etc.) and back pain without the need for drugs or surgery.  A simple in office treatment with a localized injection to your affected joints not only offers pain relief, but also has the capacity to repair damage that arthritis and injuries can cause.

Amniotic fluid and membrane contain living stem cells that are biocompatible and able to divide and produce more of your own specialized healing cells called pluripotent cells. These are cells that signal your body to produce new cells to replace the injured ones.

Imagine new cells going wherever your body needs repair, even crossing the blood brain barrier with an IV infusion. APT has also shown anti-aging effects on the body as a whole.  People recovering from a stroke or faced with a systemic or auto-immune condition are able to benefit greatly from this regeneration.

Regenerative Therapy through APT is an all natural, drug free, non- surgical treatment with no ugly side effects or down time!

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